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The mining system is among the largest financial market in the world, but digital currencies are at the center of several trends reshaping the investment landscape, particularly demographic shifts, and evolving regulations. We profit from both mining cryptocurrencies and stock investment.

These terms and conditions govern your entry onto and use of the website and the content, data and administration features provided on or via the website. They exclude or limit the risks and liabilities of Delta Asset Ag Group Limited and others and contain other vital provisions to which your attention is drawn.

Use of the website

The website, including all pages, content, sounds, pictures, plan, content, designs and other information or data contained therein, is provWded for information purposes only. You may view and print out pages from the website for individual, educational, and non-business use. However, you may not duplicate, recreate, alter, collate, distribute, or list any of the website content without the prior assent of Delta Asset Ag. Save as explicitly allowed by Delta Asset Ag, you might not use the website or its content for business purposes.

Data relating to organisations in which Delta Asset Ag may participate has been obtained from the individual organisation as at the time of posting. Delta Asset Ag does not warrant or assume any risk as to the accuracy or of such information, whether at the time of publication or at any time in the future. Delta Asset Ag further does not undertake to refresh such data in event that it turns out to be inaccurate or to reflect events occurring after the publication of such information.

You agree to use the information contained in the website in relation to any investment undertaking solely for your own personal and non-commercial use and benefit in relation to obtaining or holding an investment with Delta Asset Ag and not for any other reason. You agree to refrain from moving, exchanging, distributing, formatting or sharing any such information in any way and to refrain from permitting the use of such data by or in order to assist any other individual or organisation.

The content of the website is not intended for disclosure to or use by any individual or in relation to any matter where such appropriation or use would be breach local laws or regulations.


You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any login data related to your account.

You agree to refrain from accessing or attempting to access our website through any automated, dishonest or non-standard means.

You are expressly prohibited from undertaking any activity that disturbs or disrupts the benefits or operations of the website.

Any attempt to duplicate, copy, replicate or move any content accessible on the website is prohibited in its entirety.

Delta Asset Ag is referenced in a number of fora, web journals, screens and investment websites. By posting data about Delta Asset Ag in any public manner as referenced above, you agree to refrain from publishing any content that is illicit, compromising, slanderous, damaging or harassing, or which infringes any trademark or copyright, nor which contains any kind of unapproved or spontaneous promotion, or which imitates any individual.

Restrictions on use of the Website

Save as explicitly set out in these terms and conditions, you may not use the website to take part in any unlawful activity or to infringe upon the rights of Delta Asset Ag. You further agree that you shall not, and shall refrain from permitting your agents and servants to: (a) modify, distribute, transfer, post, transmit, move or appropriate in any capacity the website content without the prior written authorisation of Delta Asset Ag; (b) decrypt, reverse engineer, or disassemble the website content; (c) evacuate any exclusive notification or names on the website content; (d) disregard, counterfeit or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, foreign exchange validations, security or notices, employment rights or other individual or restrictive rights; (e) interfere with the activity of the website, in any capacity or interfere with the use or enjoyment of any person in the website or utilise the website to obtain unauthorised access to any computer networks, including the networks of Delta Asset Ag; (f) transmit any unlawful, harassing, hostile, slanderous, damaging, compromising or destructive material of any sort or nature or transmit any material that could constitute a criminal offence, assume any risk or generally harm any relevant and proximate community, state, national or worldwide law or regulation; (g) imitate any individual or content on or via the website; (I) duplicate, recreate, adjust, move, rent, or erase content from the website, whether in whole or in part, or sub-license, advertise, or generally change or misuse the website in any capacity other than as explicitly permitted by Delta Asset Ag or in accordance with any reasonable set of regulations or comparable arrangements under applicable laws. Any unauthorised use may expose you to legal liability. You agree that any copy of the content of the website which you are allowed to make under these terms and conditions will contain all copyright and other restrictive notification in a manner and form that is indistinguishable from the original.

Availability of Products and Services

The features and regulations of Delta Asset Ag referenced or included on the website are routinely accessible globally. Delta Asset Ag reserves the right to make the final decision as to whether you are eligible for any feature or fall within any regulation, including any advances or financing.

All Delta Asset Ag items and features are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant provisions governing their use. To the extent that there is any conflict between these terms and conditions and the material consents for Delta Asset Ag features and regulations, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

Links to Third Party websites

This website may contain pictures from and links to third party websites. Linked locations are not under the control of Delta Asset Ag and Delta Asset Ag is not responsible for the content of any linked website, including without limitation any link contained in any linked website, or any changes or updates to a linked website. Delta Asset Ag is not responsible for redirects or any other type of transmission from any linked website, nor is Delta Asset Ag liable if the linked website does not function correctly. Delta Asset Ag provides these links to you as a convenience and the provision of a link does not imply the endorsement by Delta Asset Ag of the website nor any relationship with its administrators. You are responsible for reviewing and agreeing to the terms of use applicable to and posted at the linked websites.

Any relationship with any third party making use of any connected locations, including the any disclosure of information or other consideration for features and any other terms, conditions, guarantees or depiction in connection with such dealings are exclusively entered into by you and any third party. Delta Asset Ag will not be liable or otherwise responsible for any such relationship in any way whatsoever. Any collection, use or disclosure of your data by the third party will be governed solely by the third party's applicable security measures and any agreement between you and the third party relating to such collection, use or disclosure.

Use of Cookies

In order to manage the website more effectively, Delta Asset Ag may from time to time make use of cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data which a website stores on your PC and which can later be recovered by such website. The cookie cannot be accessed by websites other than the website that set the cookie. Delta Asset Ag uses cookies for a range of administration purposes. They enable Delta Asset Ag to store data that you have disclosed to Delta Asset Ag, so that Delta Asset Ag is no longer required to ask you for such data in future. Similarly, they enable Delta Asset Ag to gauge which parts of the website individuals and clients wish to see, and which parts they visit less frequently. Most cookies expire after a single session or visit. None will contain data enabling any person to contact you via phone, e-mail or postal mail. You may configure your internet browser to notify you when cookies are set or to prevent cookies from being set.

General Terms

Delta Asset Ag is solely responsible for the content of this website. Delta Asset Ag manages the website from Switzerland. These terms and conditions and your use of the website will be governed by the laws of the Switzerland. Any questions arising under these terms and conditions will subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts situated in Switzerland. You agree not to bring any claim against Delta Asset Ag in any location with the exception of Switzerland and you submit and agree to such jurisdiction. In the event that any provision of these terms and conditions is found invalid or unlawful by a court, the invalid or unlawful provision shall be deemed severed from the remaining provisions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest?

We accept Bitcoin(BTC) and Tether(USDT) all around the world. Login to your registered account and create a deposit from the deposit page.

What kind of currency is my account balance calculated in?

All deposit currency will be converted to Tether(USDT), then you use USDT to do your investment.

How to withdraw?

You should have a digital currency wallet like blockchain, or you can use your Cryptocurrency exchange account to receive Bitcoin and other accepted major cryptocurrencies.

How to earn Bouns?

Invite Friends to Delta Ag, when the investment income of your friend arrived, you will earn 5% of it.